In June

May was my favorite month, why? check out the happenings of May below:

-Turned quarter of a century in age

-Surfers Path marathon is over (sigh)

-A trip to Monterey Bay (jellyfish were wicked cool)

-Santa Cruz beach bum (fav beach scene)

-Imagine Dragons concert in San Fran

-My brother visited for 1 week (sibling bonding x100)

-Saw Mark Zuckerburg on the Facebook campus (yes, his hair is incredibly curly)

Bolded below is what I got to in the month of May:


  • Beat my marathon time from Half Moon Bay Marathon (by 20 min)
  • yoga 2x week
  • meditate 5 min a day


  • 1 blog post a week on Allthingyogi
  • New hire is fully onboarded
  • Find 3 masters programs that are a good fit


  • Finish decorating and making my room look 100% beachy, neat, and so the age of 25.
  • Continue to be direct in my communication
  • Try kickboxing at Undisputed Boxing Gym

In June I am working on revamping a few things.  I realized that I do not have time for teaching right now…instead, I want to focus on my own yoga practice and add swimming to the mix.

Below is what is happening in June:



  • Yoga 1x week
  • new morning routine of breakfast at 5 with book and journal
  • swim laps at Equinox 1x week


  • 2 lunch dates with people I said I would, but haven’t
  • Be more realistic with my time, I cannot continue to be the “yes” girl
  • PR on half marathon

What are you up to in June? How was May? Did you realize that some things fell apart so that other things could work out? Start thinking bigger, look beyond your doubts and worries, and live boldly. Happy June.

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2 thoughts on “In June

  1. Your May sounded fantastic! I wanna move to Cali 🙂 Love your June goals… your morning routine sounds like the perfect start to the day!

    I’m working on being more realistic with my time, too… and learning that saying no is ok. Also in June: less hate, more love; operation organize; read; and, plant an herb garden.

    • Thanks Erin! I love reading your goals too. I think we can piggy back off eachother! operation organize…going to have to steal that one.

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