Technology Overload

Yesterday I purposely left my phone at home.  I do this from time to time to disconnect and take a break from being glued to my phone 24/7

We live in an era where we are constantly tuned in and powered up.  Think about how much time you spend on your Ipad, Iphone, and Ipod. I am guessing you, like me, and many others are not entirely engaged in the present moment.

The by-products of this “tuned in” culture have left us with a lot of not so great ramifications.

Below I have listed a few of the results from being more “tuned in” to technology and “tuned out” with the present:

  1. Miscommunication: There is no emotion in texting, therefore, there is great room for error in communication.  This creates conflict with relationship building with lovers and friends.
  2. Social Isolation in public places: People at the gym carry around their Ipads and people on the plane are staring at their laptops.  There are so many opportunities for conversation around us, and yet we are too “tuned in” to speak up.
  3. Multi-Tasking Disaster: Crash reports prove that people are not capable of texting and driving at the same time.  I cannot even count the number of people who I have had body crashes with because they are staring at their phone as they walk (giggling as I write this…but, so true)
  4. Learning: I love Google maps and trust me when I say I use it on the daily, however, because I am so reliant on it to get me from point A to point B, I have totally disregarded the opportunity to learn directions via map.  Therefore, we forgo learning some of the most simple tasks.
  5. Misjudgment: One may look at someone’s Facebook and say “hmmmm this person is really full of themselves” only to find out in reality they are incredibly humble.  This example is a missed opportunity for a deeper connection due to a false premise.

My intention is to make you become more aware of your own relationship with technology.

Is it impacting your relationships negatively? Do you feel disconnected? Do you feel like you are multi-tasking to a point of deficiency?My challenge for you is to take 30 minutes, an hour, or a full day to disconnect from technology and be present.

How much of your time are you tuned in? Do you ever tune out? What’s your experience? What have you learned?

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