Marathoning It

Saturday’s are my day to write.  I like to head to Starbucks, grab a cup of coffee, and let the keystrokes become a part of my conversation with you, the world, and most of all my strong desire to write.

I am happy to be sitting here reflecting on a great weekend last weekend so let me share it with you:

Last weekend was 26.2 miles of sweet bliss.  I say sweet bliss because I crossed the finish line with a huge smile on my face.  I was happy to finish a whopping 20 minutes faster than my first marathon.  PHEWWWWW relief, gratitude, satisfaction, and sore were apparent feelings as I sashayed to sit in the sand after a scenic route along the ocean.

After the marathon I wasn’t able to locate my friends so I sat next to two 20 year old girls.  We reflected about the race and exchanged ages and did yoga poses to help aleve our joints.

Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Is this your first marathon?

Girl #1: yea, my roommate got me to sign up, she does ironman’s

Me: awesome! how old are you guys?

Girl #1: 20

Girl #2: 20

I’m thinking these girls are taking a weekend to run a marathon where majority of their peers are hung over and probably haven’t even waked up yet.  I was incredibly impressed as I sat in the hot sand chugging coconut water, plain water, and taking big bites of a large and perfectly yellow and brown-less banana.

Me: so tell me about the ironman, I’m interested, infact, I want to do one

Girl #2: It awesome, it’s fun, the training becomes your life, but the race itself is amazing. I can see you doing one.

Me: Yep, scary to admit, but I will.  I’m thinking late 20’s early 30’s

(Insert anxious, excited, scared, stoked feelings here)

Let’s rewind to the actual marathon:

Miles 1-5 : COLD, I kept my long sleeve shirt on and was still waking up

Miles 5-10 ditched my long sleeve in a bush (bye bye cute San Francisco Half marathon shirt) legs were feeling tired and I was wondering if I overdid it during the week.  I was thinking about my prior week’s workouts and hoping that I didn’t put too much stress on my legs

Miles 10-13:  ROUGH these were my least favorite miles.  I was not enjoying the race; I was changing up my music a lot, and was purely focused on my legs that seemed to be more tired than usual.

Miles 13-20: AWESOME these tend to be my strongest and quickest miles.  I started to really enjoy the beautiful oceans views and took my hair down so I could let the ocean air breeze take over.

Miles 21-26:  CONSISTENT I kept with my pace and actually felt flu-ish for 3 miles.  I was so thirsty that I was tempted to ask a complete stranger on the side of the course for some water, but, ironically out of the left was a water fountain so I left the course and went to the water fountain and then jumped back to the course.

26.2  4:14:59 was my time.  I now know that a sub 4 hour marathon is possible.  I also know that Boston is possible

Have you ran a race lately? How did it go? Did you learn something about yourself you didn’t think possible? Or are you curious to sign and up and test your ability to push your own limits?


2 thoughts on “Marathoning It

  1. Amazing, Candice, and CONGRATS! A 20-minute PR is fantastic! So proud of you 🙂 And, I KNOW you’ll be an iron[wo]man, too! xo.

  2. A 20 min slice off my time was nice…love progress and knowing that Boston is do-able. I am stoked for you and your Iron(wo)man! so admirable and amazing.

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