In May

In May, this May, half way through the month of May, and I am now writing my May goals.  I guess “oops” best describes my lack of writing for the time being and holy busy-bee’ness.  I do say this every month so I apologize for the consistent delay in posting these late goals, but, nonetheless voila the recap for the month of April is below.

Bolded are the goals I got to:


  • Take on recruiting responsibilities at work: hiring, onboarding, and training
  • Kick ass in revolutions instructor training at Uforia Studios, for more info, check it here:
  • Seasonal focus project is a big success and I get a new role at work


  • Kill it with marathon training and add more short runs during the work week.  I also need to remain injury free.
  • Protein focused diet; glycemic index concious, and Whole 30’esque.
  • Increase spin endurance: 4x week for instructor training


  • Dance in SF 1x  week
  • Direct communication
  • Don’t commit to things I don’t want to do

Now for the rest of May…


  • Beat my marathon time from HMB Marathon
  • yoga 2x week
  • meditate 5 min a day


  • 1 blog post a week on Allthingyogi
  • New hire is fully onboarded
  • Find 3 masters programs that are a good fit


  • Finish decorating and making my room look 100% beachy, neat, and so the age of 25.
  • Continue to be direct in my communication
  • Try kickboxing at Undisputed Boxing Gym

What is going on in your calendar for May? start thinking bigger, stretch yourself, and seek the best version of you.

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2 thoughts on “In May

  1. You rocked your April goals… nice work, dear! I didn’t know you getting your spin instructor cert… awesome! You’ll be an excellent teacher!

    How’s marathon training going?!

    • Erin! I’ve been following your training…amazing. I am just in the very beginning stages of becoming a spin instructor. There is so much to it! I think we have talked about this before but I am also wanting to get my 200hr cert for yoga in the near future….maybe we could do an “away” training together?! marathon training is done. It is tomorrow! so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate today.

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