In April. Say whaaaat?!

April fool’s day settled in a little too quickly for me.  I swear this month has flown.  I mean, here I am writing about April’s goals over 2 weeks into the month?! however, I’m cool sitting here and tapping away on my laptop with a computer desktop that is filled with word docs, marathon training excel sheets, and notes from a week of instructor training at a kick ass studio in the bay area.  Yes, this month has been crazy and double-to the hell- yes I am sitting here on April 19th with a cup of coffee in my lap as I stare at this computer screen, but it’s been a challenging and rad month so here it goes:

Below is what I went after in March.  *The bolded text are goals that I accomplished

• Add intervals to Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training for Santa Cruz Marathon:
• Whole 30’ing except for hummus (gets me to eat more veggies )GU (fuel for long-runs, Cliff Bar brand) (wine-love a glass of vino) if you have no idea what the Whole 30 is check it out here:

• I make fish 1x week

• NASM study sesh: 2 chapters a week and flashcards created for previously read chapters

• April 1st-15th find a spin certification class and put it on the calendar. I need to be teaching!
Attention to detail, focus, and stellar performance at my current position. I will get another award!

• Get my car fixed :/ poor car
Get my California license!
• Think of a positive for every negative thought (Thanks Lise for this one, love the idea and putting it to practice this month)
• Lululemon trip-yes, I am overdue and going to splurge!

Below is what is on the Agenda for April:


  • Take on recruiting responsibilities at work: hiring, onboarding, and training
  • Kick ass in revolutions instructor training at Uforia Studios, for more info, check it here:
  • Seasonal focus project is a big success and I get a new role at work


  • Kill it with marathon training and add more short runs during the work week.  I also need to remain injury free.
  • Protein focused diet; glycemic index concious, and Whole 30’esque.
  • Increase spin endurance: 4x week for instructor training


  • Dance in SF 1x  week
  • Direct communication
  • Don’t commit to things I don’t want to do

New Finds/ Likes this month

  • Scott running shoes: got a pair because they were sold out of Asics DS trainers and it was love at first run
  • Coconut water with pulp
  • Wild smoked salmon from Trader Joe’s: great add on to meals or used for snacks.  I like to pair it with eggs or put it on top of salads.
  • Metabolic Testing – David Toy (PT, HLC) from Equinox introduced me to this philosophy and it gives great perspective on how your body runs the most efficiently.


 What have you been up to in April? has this month flown by for you? What goals can you set today to be where you want to be in a month?



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One thought on “In April. Say whaaaat?!

  1. How is it April 22 already?! I wrote down goals, but never wrote a blog post… rolling April into May 🙂

    Great goals, dear! Are in taking your spin cert already?! It’s one of my goals for the next year, too. You’ll be an awesome instructor!

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