Talking Health with Sergey Brin

One of the perks of living in Palo Alto is running into some of the techno wizards that have started companies like YouTube, Facebook, Groupon, Instagram, and Apple to name a few. On one of my usual Friday nights out on University in Palo Alto I had quite an evening where I met a really cool dude.  In fact, you may know him, his name is Sergey Brin and he is the co-founder of Google.

Let me back up for a moment because at the time I did not know this.  I actually ended up exiting the conversation for some pretty lame reasons, but, before you say WTF! Let me back up and explain how this casual run- in came to be.

I was at a restaurant in Palo Alto with two of my friends from work.  We were sitting in the lounge trying each other’s wine to see who had chosen the best glass.  One of my friends pointed out that the guy in the corner of the restaurant was wearing some weird glasses.

I got up and wanted to see what this was all about.  I went up to the guy and said,

“Hey, can I try your glasses?”

There was a moment of hesitation and Sergey said,

“sure, hold on, let me take a picture of you”

He took a picture and then handed me the Google glass where I inevitably was looking at a picture of myself…He proceeded to tap the side of the glasses and show me all of the functions of the glasses; email, maps, YouTube, it was a computer within a few centimeters of your face.

I ended up sitting down and joining Sergey and his brother, Sam,(keep in mind at this point I didn’t know who he was, I just assumed he worked on the Google glass at Google) They invited me to join them for appetizers and we talked about where I worked and how the two knew each other (brothers of course)

Looking back at the conversation I said a few funny things (keep in mind I had no idea who he was at the time)

  • I told Sergey who the owner of the restaurant was (really, as if he would care?)
  • I said I worked on the Google campus and asked if he knew where Landings drive is
  • I said we copied Google’s pricing model and proceeded to explain it to him…  (seriously, he came up with it)
  • I mentioned this blog, all things yogi
  • Asked him his name 3 times because I kept forgetting

The conversation topic then went to health because it tends to be my default due to passion and knowledge on the topic:

  • -We talked about cooking veggies with coconut oil
  • -The Whole 30
  • -Paleo eating (Sam said he followed this)
  • -Vinyasa Yoga

After about 30 minutes of talking with the brothers my friends joined me and we all sat together and talked about a range of topics; family, food, and work.  I left shortly after because I promised my roommate I would be back at 9 to put up our overly priced,  temporary, cherry blossom wall paper.

I got home and my roommate asked me what I had been up to and I casually said,

“I met some guy named Sergey”

she laughed and said,  “do you remember his last name” and I said, “nope” Long story short I didn’t figure out until about 11:00pm.

I guess he appreciated my small town naivety and I can’t say that I didn’t appreciate the fact that he treated me like a friend.  Sergey Brin is one cool dude.  I thank him for sharing his appetizers and glass with me on, what I thought and still think to be, a very random Friday night.

Do you cook with coconut oil? Does health and wellness slip into your conversations?

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