Open Road

Open road, sun is shining, mile 9 and counting.  This past Saturday I drove to Portolla Valley to crank out 17 miles.  It went good and surprisingly for the first time I didn’t need any fuel during my run.

Friday night came quickly after a long work week and I found myself going to bed Friday night a little bit nervous for my longest run yet this year.  I think most distance runners can relate to the somewhat squeamish and nervousness that comes along with the 24 hours before running one of their long runs.  There are just so many factors that impact the run; am I hydrated? Stomach ache? Too much coffee? Knees ok? Rain? But sometimes you have to just be prepared for just about anything.  In my trunk of my car you will find two bottles of Powerade zero, sunblock, tanning oil (shhhhh), yoga mat, peanut butter power bar, pink sunglasses, and a liter of water.  This way, wherever my run takes me, I feel somewhat of a sense of ease knowing my trunk is equipped with the essentials to hitting the mileage I need to for the weekend.

Saturday felt good.  I needed the sunshine, solitude, and pavement under my feet.  I decided to take a different route and didn’t really know where I was going but I knew that if I went straight out and straight back I would find my way.  I ended up being the only person on the road for 3 miles and it was my favorite 3 miles of the run.  I took my hair down, tied my tank around my waste, and just took in the scenery.  On my way back, my Garmin read, “satellite lost” grrrrrrrrrr  so I spent the next mile trying to re-set it and sure enough, the moment I returned to Roberts Market my watch was working again.

Below is a summary of the 17 run,  mile by mile:

Miles 1-5 these first five are never my favorite, but they are fueled by Kesha and inspiration from some of the elite athletes that cycle in Portolla Valley

Miles 5-10 Warmed up, speeding up, no pain, loving how my Garmin has now reached the double digits

Mile 10-12 zoned out, getting very sweaty, body felt strong, realized mile 17 is right around the corner

Mile 12-14 reminding myself that I did 15 just 2 weeks ago, this is completely do-able, looking around for a place where I can safely go pee and not have anyone see me…hahaha

Mile 15 eye contact with hot biker boy, thank you, 2 miles on my mind, form? Thinking about being upright, spine, hips, and shoulders aligned, and reminding myself to keep arms like a pendulum-swift- back and forth

Mile 16-17 this was tough.  Kept looking at the scenery, got my sunglasses out of my trunk because I like to hide the pain, much like Nemo’s “just keep swimming” I thought about “just keep running” and ended with Lil Wayne

What is your experience with long runs? Endurance work outs? or the nervousness that comes with training?


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