Take me to Utah, Wellness Retreat

Stepping off the little plane I was greeted by red mountains and a little airport with efficient AC and a sign that read “Welcome to St. George”

An older guy on my flight gave a swift glance, as if to expect a somewhat surprised look on my face.  I chuckled to myself and thought,

“You don’t think this girl can do Utah? small town? Pshhhh you don’t even know”

Prior to this glance he laughed at me,

“where you headed missy? LA? Vegas?”

“Nope” I replied,  “St. George Utah” and that was that.

I got off the plane and headed to the taxi that was waiting for me.  A lady asked if she could catch a ride with me since it would probably be another 2 hours before a taxi would be ready to give her a lift.  She was from Texas and called me “sweetheart”, which, I later learned and understood because she is a mother, grandmother, and director of an organization that helps children with special needs.

The taxi ride turned out to be more of a bonding sesh where she asked me if I was a (gasp) “Vegan” to which, I replied, “hell no”.

She was happy and confided in me that she once made her son-in-law pancakes with real eggs when he wasn’t looking.  She said this so secretly it was if she thought he would hear.  I giggled.

The taxi ride went by quick and soon I was at the resort.  I was greeted by a nice gentleman who dropped me off at the restaurant.  I had to meet my Mom who had flown in earlier in the afternoon from the cold, dim, and snow fallen state of Minnesota.

I literally did 5 laps around the restaurant looking for my mom.  Where the heck is she? left dinner early? forgot about me? then BAM, five minutes into my lap- fest my Mom looked up from her dinner menu and jumped up and greeted me.  I gave her a hug and sat down with her at the community table.

I was instantaneously introduced to two other Candace’s, Rose, Charles, Maddie, and Anne.  These people came from all different states with the sole mission of relaxing in mind.  After all, we were at a wellness retreat where our meals were the correct ratio of protein to veggies and fat and there were enough fitness classes to keep you moving from 9 to 5.

Below are a list of activities I participated in during my three night stay at the Red Mountain Resort:


-Sleep Hygiene class

-MELT –focusing on full body

-MELT- focusing on hands and feet

learn more about MELT here :  http://www.meltmethod.com/about/faqs

-Lunch with Riki Master

-80 minute deep tissue massage

-Guided Meditation

– Guided Hike

-Trail running

Have you ever been on a retreat? are you curious? or do you prefer to take a vacation where you can set your own agenda?

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2 thoughts on “Take me to Utah, Wellness Retreat

  1. What a wonderful few days! Would you recommend? Sounds like something I could use after ironman is done 🙂 And, I’ve never heard of MELT, but am intrigued… will have to do some research!

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