How to: Stress less at work

I don’t know that I have been deemed the guru of stress management nor do I feel that I am too great of getting my Zen on at work, but, I have found a few things to be beneficial when dealing with a boat-load of emails, phone calls, follow-ups, and side projects that gets tossed my way.  I look at my co-workers with long faces, narrowed brows, and tension and know that there has got be a better way to deal with the stress that comes along with this thing we do everyday called work.

Below are ten tips that will help alleviate stress when things get a little, shall we dare say, “busy”

  1. Go for a 5-10 min walk: Get up and head outside, take a few deep breaths, and soak up some sun or think about the bad-ass weekend plans you have or the trip your about to go on in a few weeks.
  2. Create a check-list: If you have an overwhelming amount of to-do’s then break it down.  Put your number one priority down and go from there.  Also, make sure to check off the things you complete as you go about your day. There are studies that show the brain gets satisfaction with the progress of checking something off the list.
  3. Stay away from the kitchen: Guess what? Food and sugary snack are not going to make things better, ask yourself: am I really hungry right now? Or am I just stressed? Chances are you aren’t hungry and are better off dealing with the stress at hand and waiting until your next meal.
  4. Keep peppermint and lavender essential oil at your desk:  Peppermint oil is known to increase focus and lavender oil is a known relaxer.  The combo of these two oils will help you cope with whatever if going on at your desk.
  5. Get a standing desk: The average women burns 60 more calories per hour when standing then sitting:
  6. Stretch: It will help release tension and your back and legs will thank you
  7. Take 10 deep belly breaths: (breaths that force your belly to move in and then out) When we are stressed our breaths tend to get short and stagnant.  This reduces the amount of oxygen to our brain and makes us feel even more frazzled.
  8. Get you water on: fill up a water bottle and repeat.  Most of us are not drinking enough water so now is a good opportunity to fill up.
  9. Do something for you after a stressful day at work: get a massage, grab grub with a friend, or go out and buy your favorite magazines or DVD and enjoy.
  10. Talk with co-workers: if you think you are the only one that is stressed, think again, sharing our feelings and connecting with one another are what we as human’s do.

How do you manage stress at work? What do you find is beneficial?

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2 thoughts on “How to: Stress less at work

  1. Love this list, dear! I need to take a walking break (or two) everyday, and keeping peppermint or lavender oil around is brilliant! I miss my standing desk…

    Hope work is going well for you! I’m sure your coworkers get a bit more zen when they’re around you because you have such great energy 🙂

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