Do: More of what makes you happy

Create more time for the things you love and less time for the things you don’t.  It sounds simple, it is rather simple, but putting it to practice can be a challenge.

The fact is our time is valuable.  We chose how we want to spend it, who we want to spend it with, and based on our values and what life is throwing our way we manage it accordingly.

What brings you bliss? What exhausts you? The more we are aware, the better ability we have to transform our days to wide spread smiles, good vibes, and energy that permeates to those around us.

Below is a list of Blissful activities I have read from yogi’s, fitness enthusiasts, motivational speakers, and religious individuals to fill your heart and rejuvenate your soul.

-do whatever makes you sweat

-take a nap anywhere there is sunshine

-Make a meal using foods that don’t have an ingredient list

-Take 10 belly breaths (breaths that move your stomach up and down) and close your eyes and visualize a color

-Pick a day and leave your cell phone, laptop, television, and any other gadget behind

-Listen to your favorite beat, or, better yet play your favorite beat (guitar skills, amazing voice, flute, whatever you’ve got)

What’s on your list ‘o’ bliss?

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3 thoughts on “Do: More of what makes you happy

  1. Great list, dear. I especially love the 10 belly breaths meditation… so doing that 🙂 There hasn’t been enough of what makes me happy the past couple weeks… too much work!

    Hope you’re well! Happy weekend 🙂

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