In March

I can’t believe it is March. I feel like I write this every month but its true. The months fly by and before we know it we will be spring! March flies because the words “spring break” come to mind. I no longer have a week off of school dedicated to vacationing and chilling with my friends, but it doesn’t mean the effort isn’t there.

I am a big fan of summer and anything warm. I like beaching it, BB-Q’ing it, and anything that has to do with sitting around a bon fire. I guess you can put the puzzle together and figure out why this Minnesotan turned Californian made the plunge, the weather! Locations aside and spring fever in the air-I am pumped for this month; change, goal-crushing, and gearing up for all things summer.

Bolded is what I got to in February:

 • Stick to Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training for Santa Cruz   Marathon:
• Bikram 1x week
• Up at 5am sharp with breakfast (note: the bod needs breakfast, something I am working on!)

• Get a good raise at work!
Schedule coffee date with my NASM book: 2 chapters/week
• Help plan bi-weekly social events with co-workers for team building


• Continue to be direct in communication
Go on Yoga Retreat end of February, beginning of March (in the works )

Steam room 1x week, so lovely.

Below is what is on the agenda for March

• Add intervals to Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training for Santa Cruz Marathon:
• Whole 30’ing except for hummus (gets me to eat more veggies )GU (fuel for long-runs, Clif Bar brand) (wine-love a glass of vino) if you have no idea what the Whole 30 is check it out here:
• I make fish 1x week

• NASM study sesh: 2 chapters a week and flashcards created for previously read chapters
• April 1st-15th find a spin certification class and put it on the calendar. I need to be teaching!
• Attention to detail, focus, and stellar performance at my current position. I will get another award!

• Get my car fixed :/ poor car
• Get my California license!
• Think of a positive for every negative thought (Thanks Lise for this one, love the idea and putting it to practice this month)
• Lululemon trip-yes, I am overdue and going to splurge!

What’s on your agenda for March? Are you thinking about that swimsuit in your dresser? Your addiction to sugar? Your loss of touch with old friends? Or maybe you need to change things up a bit and get out of your comfort zone? Whatever this month brings, roll with it and seek the better you because the world needs you at your best.

Below is a list of sites/articles/recipes that are BOMB. Enjoy.

Protein shake made with coconut oil:
The Athletic Build (Thanks Mike!):
Jill Fit, great articles!
Cherry -Walnut Bites Recipe: (see the post picture)

Post image source:


One thought on “In March

  1. thanks for the shout out 🙂 lady. I’m still working on that goal as we know the last month was not very kind to me, but I’m excited for March and know that we are in charge of making good things happen for us!

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