12 Miles and something

Yesterday was a 12 mile treadmill run.  Yes, TREADMILL! I know, I know, trust me I would have much rather been outside but I have this thing called asthma that sometimes gets in the way of me being able to run around the close and beautiful Stanford campus.  It was not the best run, but I will take it.

I am a bit scared going into my second marathon.  I think this is primarily due to the fact that I am feeling increasingly stressed at work and struggling to balance the training schedule with work, going out, friends, and the fact that it is getting nice out and I just want to be in San Fran 24/7.  However, at the same time, I like how marathon training pushes me.  It gets me outside my comfort zone and makes me be more mindful of my bod and mental strength as I continue to increase mileage.

I think most runners can attest that the mileage ramp us is semi-sweet.  It’s pretty cool to notice how your lung capacity, leg strength, and overall stride strengthen as you train.  It further proves how fascinating the human bod is and how we truly can accomplish just about anything we set our minds to and train for.  I am thinking triathlons, more marathons’, and a possible Iron (wo) man (thanks for the inspiration Erin) is on the horizon.  I live for this stuff.

I am equally thrilled to revamp my diet.  As you know, I am passionate about nutrition and just starting to explore the realm of cooking.  This of course has been a work in progress through years of being an anti-domestic kind of women.  However, this has changed and now I actually enjoy cooking.  What are my changes? Well, after 3 months of no dairy and no grains I am thinking this is not the best idea with marathon training.  This is mainly due to the fact that feasting on nuts and nut butters is not ideal for the waistline.

I like to be lean when I marathon.  This is easier on my joints, easier on my pads, and well it’s just a lot easier to run 26.2 miles with about 5-10 lbs. less on your frame.

Below is a few of the changes I am making:

  • Taking a break from nuts, nut butters, and avocados, and instead getting good fats from eggs and salmon
  • Incorporating some rice (grain) so I can enjoy sushi with my girl-friends
  • Protein shakes-whey isolate (for post-workout and run recovery)

*Do some research on whey protein before you add them to your diet.  There are tons out there and majority are crap.  It is important to pay close attention to the ingredients.

Below are my top 5 based on taste and ingredients:

  1. http://www.strongerfasterhealthier.com/products/whey_protein
  2. http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2134407
  3. http://drinkorgain.com/orgain_html/product_flavors.html
  4. http://sveltebrand.elsstore.com/view/product/?id=298791&cid=33561
  5. http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11043995

Do you take supplements or do you opt for whole foods instead? What’s your favorite?

post image source: http://www.paul-graham.net/images_2/treadmill.JPG


2 thoughts on “12 Miles and something

  1. You’re my hero for running TWELVE miles on the dreadmill! Nice work, girl!

    While I love nuts and nut butters, I’ve almost completely eliminated them from my diet (other than a sprinkling of sliced almonds on salads and a schmeer of PB on toast). I have no willpower with them in the house and feel terrible when I eat them! I do eat half of an avocado most days, though, and am currently in love with coconut rice 🙂

    Have you tried Vega products? I just picked of some single serving protein powders today… I’ll let you know what I think!

  2. Yes, buh-bye nuts and nut butters.

    Coconut rice?! googling this now…

    I have not tried Vega products but keep me posted on the protein powder and if you like it I will try a single serve too!

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