In February

January was the longest month.  January is odd because you come back from the holidays having had all this fun with family and then it’s back to work.  January brings the continued chill in the air and the cool, dry air makes for a good environment for the flu, sniffles and nasty coughs that get passed around work and schools.  JOY …(bring on the Emergency-C and Purell)

On the other hand, it’s a good, infact, great month for change.  It is, conveniently, a long month that gives us plenty of time to get going in the right direction for the New Year (whatever this may mean to you).

There is something very cool about the ability to start fresh.  It allows us to move forward and strive to be better, do bigger, and create and lead a life that is just right for us.

Below is a re-cap on January and what is next in February:


Bolded is what I got to in January


  • Eat Breakfast-consistently!
  • Up at 5am, gym at 6am…not 6:10, 6:15 etc.
  • Dance class 1x week


  • Present my quarterly project to the Small Business team in a professional and entertaining matter. Yes, I will rock the pencil skirt and pumps.
  • Attention to Detail: quality over quantity
  • Study 2 chapters a week for NASM: notecards, highlighter, notes.


  • Edit current budget for January on
  • Meet up with Molly from the gym!
  • Be direct with communication




  • Get a good raise at work!
  • Schedule coffee date with my NASM book: 2 chapters/week
  • Help plan bi-weekly social events with co-workers for team building


  • Continue to be direct in communication
  • Go on Yoga Retreat end of February, beginning of March
  • Steam room 1x week, so lovely.

Whats on your agenda in February?

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