Back at it.

This week is the first week of training for the Santa Cruz marathon.  I am stoked to start training again.  I signed up for this marathon because I missed having a schedule.  I love working out, but I like it even more when there is an objective.  This way I can compare it to the previous marathon, make changes to the way I prepare for this one, and take advantage of the beautiful spring weather here in California.

I am not going to lie, my hips are sore this week.  I think it is a combination of new shoes and the fact that I was doing more cross training and less running.  This has changed this week.  I am ready to start running more mileage again.

When I tell people I like the marathon distance they look at me like I am crazy.  Yes, I enjoy running for a few hours —-yes I am 24 and although it may not seem like it, I can keep to a running schedule and still manage to go out on the weekends (although I really don’t drink) I think one of the hardest things to manage is food intake for how much you are exerting.  It almost becomes a full-time job and being dairy and grain free makes it difficult to get all the cals in that I need to fuel my runs.  However, I have found nut butters and root vegetables great go-tos to fuel my bod for the mileage.

On another note, I find it funny that people don’t believe they could run a marathon.  I don’t believe them, in fact I think more than most are capable physically but it is the mental component that most people lack.

Below are 10 characteristics I believe it takes to run a marathon:

  1. The ability to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable
  2. Body awareness
  3. Basic knowledge of nutrition
  4. Interest: in running, in talking to other runners, and to reading up on information regarding form, shoes, trails, and different training schedules that will work for you and your schedule.  Yes, you also need to talk to marathon veterans-it helps A LOT.
  5. High pain threshold –you will hurt, the key is to be able to block it out and keep running.
  6. Positivity-running is as much mental and physical, once you begin thinking about quitting-you need to be able to turn this back around.
  7. Discipline: time management, ability to prioritize and realize you cannot go out drinking and think you can put in 18 the next day (…know this not from experience of course…)
  8. Ability to cope with boredom-it happens, think: good music, creative mind, or just accepting the fact you have to do 10 more and your bored as f***
  9. Strong stride: heel striker? Mid-sole striker? Figure out what you are and work on being a mid-sole striker, your hips will thank you.
  10. Adaptable-a shitty run, sore, it’s raining, it’s snowing, the heat index is high, you need to be adaptable and make training changes as you go.

Do you have these? Do you want to sign up for a 26.2? Join a training group? speak up, sign up, and challenge yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Back at it.

  1. So excited you’re doing a spring marathon! A May marathon is tentatively on my calendar, too… maybe we can be long distance training partners?

    I completely agree that anyone could run a marathon if they put their minds to it… it’s such a mental game! Also, you nailed it all those characteristics!

    • Yes, lets be long distance training partners! I’ll be writing about my training so maybe you can write about yours too?!

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