I love writing on All Things Yogi.  It is a place where I can share my thoughts, passions, and it is my message board to people in Italy, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and the Republic of Korea (Yes, I had to review some stats for this one) so thank you for reading!

I read a recent post from one of my friends on Facebook (and yes, I know what you are thinking here…sigh, sometimes it’s exhausting reading through others  intimate posts with quotes that sometimes hit you with a BOOM and other ones you wish you could simply delete) However, I read this quote and it caught my attention. He posted,

 “Life is more than who we are”

…I thought about this for a moment… I realize I am young, at heart and in the literal sense and I find myself swept up in the me, me, me of life.  What do I want to achieve? Who do I want to become? I want this, and I have to do that.  It is SO easy to get swept up in the life of “us” and when we do this, we forget about the big picture.  We choose to close ourselves off from connection, from bettering those around us, and feeling the deep fulfillment of giving and receiving (you know the feeling when you give a gift or help someone out? Yes, that is nice, we need more of that)  The truth and my response to my friends quote was

“Life is more than who we are…it’s so much bigger than that it’s what you can do in this world in this life”

So as you stomp around this weekend hitting up the city, running errands, and enjoying the company of your family and friends-take the time to sit back and evaluate your connection with the bigger picture.  Is it distant? Is it an opportunity? And what steps can you take to better it and I promise you I will do the same.

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