In January.

I find it telling how this month has gone due to the fact I am sitting here reviewing my December goals on January 11th (eeeeeeeek!) …not to mention I still am in the process of editing my goal planning sheet! Oh December, why do you always fly by?!

This month I have realized there are some things that I do not have time for and that in the end aren’t really goals that I want to focus on right now.  I tend to take on too much and would like to take this month and focus on what matters to me in the now.

Below is a re-cap of December’s hits and misses and what I am going after in January.

*Note the bolded goals were accomplished.


  • 50 real deal push-ups, 2 unassisted pull-ups, 3 minute headstand
  • Whole 30’ing continues
  • Take Regine’s zumba class


  • Get after it. (sorry I can’t say anymore)
  • Exploit my business idea
  • Start draft of book


Next up for January:


  • Eat Breakfast-consistently!
  • Up at 5am,  gym at 6am…not 6:10,6:15 etc.
  • Dance class 1x week


  • Present my quarterly project to the Small Business team in a professional and entertaining matter.  Yes, I will rock the pencil skirt and pumps.
  • Attention to Detail: quality over quantity
  • Study 2 chapters a week for NASM: notecards, highlighter, notes.


  • Edit current budget for January on
  • Meet up with Molly from the gym!
  • Be direct with communication

Whats on your agenda for January? Are you wanting to part with old goals? set new ones? or perhaps you are finding you need to set some things aside so you can zone in and focus on what you need to take care of in the now.

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One thought on “In January.

  1. Agreed… December was insane and was over in a blink. My goals kinda fell by the wayside, too. Love what you’re working on this month! Send some of your 5a wake-up call motivation to me… morning workouts need to start now for IM training.

    You WILL rock your quarterly project presentation!

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