5 New and Healthy Foods Items to try/add/ enjoy.

The holidays are over and the New Year has begun.  We are now getting settled into our routines of work, errands, chores, and the basic day-to-day daily grind.  I hope you have found the time to sit down and contemplate what you will work on in 2013.  Is it eating healthier? Spending more time with your kids? Working out 5 days a week? Going back to school? MD? PHD? Whatever you find yourself wanting to improve: write it down, create a plan, and take action.

Below are 5 new and healthy food items to try/add/enjoy to help energize you for all that you plan to accomplish and work on in 2013.

Ground Flaxseed: Sprinkle on: salad, sliced banana, cereal  and add to blender for smoothies

Shredded Coconut: add to trail mix

Walnut Butter (Whole Foods, Safeway-California)-eat it with: sliced banana, apple, pear, and celery.

Lemon Juice: mix with olive oil and use as salad dressing-try it atop spinach, walnuts, and chicken or shrimp.

Coconut oil: sauté butternut squash, zucchini, and shredded carrot.

What are your new finds? What are you digging right now? What on the list above intrigues you? Speak up and share.

post image source: http://ceramiccanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/shredded-coconut.jpg


4 thoughts on “5 New and Healthy Foods Items to try/add/ enjoy.

  1. Walnut butter?! Sounds amazing.

    My current fave foods: raw kale + spinach salads, avocado, quinoa, coconut anything, gingerade kombucha (this daily $3.69 per bottle habit needs to stop!).

  2. Yes to raw kale, spinach, avo, and coconut anything.

    I love kombucha too, but can’t afford to buy it ALL the time. I will have to try the Gingerade flavor!

    Do you know wich marathon you are going to do in the spring?

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