Hot Body Holiday Rehab

This week I am home for the holidays and it has been great being able to dip out of contact with everything technology: phone, computer, emails, and television. These gadgets aka time-wasters have been replaced with raw and real conversation, cat naps, and challenging workouts at my old, yet familiar, gym in Minnesota (Lifetime Fitness).

It’s nice being back in my hometown. There is nothing more comforting then being with people you have known for years (18 years, my best friend from kindergarten, holy sh**) . There is this natural sense of ease. The conversation flows effortlessly. It is comforting to have input and feedback from those who know you without having to explain yourself or justify a statement you make because they simply get you and “get it”.

These types of friendships rock and they keep us grounded.  I cannot stress the amount of value they add to our lives. I mean, who’s going to be in your wedding? Or for some, who was in your wedding? That’s what I thought.

Below are 5 moves that will help warm you up quickly and get burning calories when your strapped on time from holiday get-togethers with old and new friends and family.

1. Burpee’s


2. Jump squats


3. Jumping jacks


4. Walking Lunges, yay hot bootay


5. Burpee to push-up


Post picture source:

What are your favorite moves? new ones to share? Enjoy the tail end of the year and,  as always,  be well!


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