Home for the Holidays

As I prepare for my flight to Minnesota on Friday I have been thinking about what I want to do, who I want to see, and how I want to celebrate this Christmas.  I know in years passed I was “tuned out” where I could be caught checking my phone for a new text or slipped away for a bit to talk with a friend.  This left a squeamish feeling in my stomach, really, I do not need to be phoneside during the holidays.  I have a grandma nearing her 90’s who I can learn tremendously from, I have cousins who are growing like weeds, and I have parents that I now see about 3x a year.  Therefore, my phone can wait, Plain and simple.

On another note I am stoked for the holidays.  I am excited to be there with my family and friends.  I am looking forward to lots of catch-up, warm coffee talks with my parents, and the sight of snow (yes, can’t believe I typed that).  I love hearing about others traditions and how they like to celebrate the holidays.  It’s very telling about a family and their take on this time of year.

Whatever you do during the holidays do it in the present.  Make a commitment to connect and most of all, enjoy it.  Also, be active and let the endorphins combat any extra stress or calories that can creep in this time of year.

Happy Holidays.

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