Coffee Shop Wisdom

Today I sat at the coffee shop working on a PowerPoint for work.  Yes, I realize it is a Sunday and rarely do I bring my work into the weekends but this slideshow has been on the ol’ procrastination list so I thought I would get to it.  Nevertheless, I just knocked out a couple of slides; picked a snazzy design, and typed some words on the pale blue backdrop of one of the fifteen slides.  I am getting there.

The gist of this post goes beyond a work project in a coffee shop.  It goes beyond me sitting here tapping away effortlessly on this PC (that I secretly wish were a Mac).  It has to do with a conversation between a young gal, close to my age perhaps, and her grandmother.  They sat near me, side by side, coffees clutched in their petite, olive toned hands.  The grandmother’s voice cooed with a tone of endearment and wisdom.  She was telling the young women to believe in herself. She said, and if I knew her name would give her proper credit, “People will always speculate and analyze you and the moment you start believing them the moment you stop living.  The only person who can define you is yourself”

“You have your doubts and this is good because this means you are working on something that is hard, you are being challenged”

“Prioritize how you spend your time and the moment you begin to feel sick and sense that something is not right then stop going for it”

…not bad for a random Sunday at a coffee shop. Words of wisdom in the most random of places.

Have you recently overheard a great conversation? Did you come away with something? Did you write it down? Or did you walk away with the intention of keeping this information handy as you go on about your day?


One thought on “Coffee Shop Wisdom

  1. What a wise woman. That girl is lucky to have her as a grandma. Thank you for sharing, dear! I’m posting her words in my evernote so I can refer back 🙂

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