Hitting the Restart Button

Have you ever woke up with a stomachache? Overate to the point where you feel like you are going to pop? Or simply hung-over from a night out? We have all felt this way at some point or another and it’s not fun (no bueno).  During times like these we want to hit the “restart” button.

Below are some tips to help you hit “restart” when you don’t feel top notch.

  1. Drink lots of water-anytime you are feeling like ish this will help flush your system
  2. Get sweaty-exercise gives you endorphins, a feel good hormone that will help you feel better.  I favor endurance workouts: long runs and long spin seshs to re-set my system.
  3. Eat Kale-natures super food, detoxifying, and can be baked for chips or mixed with veggies for a healthy and refreshing salad.
  4. STRETCH-bend, twist, elongate your limbs to alleviate pain and get your blood moving.
  5. Sauna/steam room-hit up the heat, lie down, and give yourself 20minutes of heat.  This will force your body to heat up and force your muscles to relax.
  6. Favor ginger and mango supplements.  These are au natural remedies for stomach pain.
  7. Avoid dairy-it’s an inflammatory and will only pro-long your stomach issues.
  8. Drink tea-peppermint tea will help calm your tummy.
  9. Hot bath/shower
  10. Wait until you feel hungry again, you know you overdid it on ________(insert food you overate here)

Last, if you know there are certain foods that you tend to go overboard with-then consider eliminating them.  If a food makes you feel less then fabulous then it isn’t worth it.  Fuel your body with foods that make you feel good, energize you, and enable you to pursue what it is you want to go after whether its running a 5k, tackling your first yoga class, or training for your first marathon.

Get after it.

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2 thoughts on “Hitting the Restart Button

  1. Yoga + a hard workout works for me every single time. And, gingerade kombucha and peppermint yogi tea 🙂 Love this post, Candice!

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