The Mind Body Connection

Exercise: spin, yoga, hiking, running, dancing, biking, weight-lifting, enables us to get in sync with our body.  It is the one part of our day that is purely focused on ourselves.  We are able to connect and tap into how we are feeling.  Are we:  energetic, tired, stressed, rested, strong, weak? The mind, body connection helps us re-set ourselves so that we can start fresh.  It gives us a new perspective, a chance for enlightenment.


Stacy goes to Bikram after work promptly at 6:00 so that she can lay her mat down before class.  It is on the mat that she lays in corpse pose.  She closes her eyes and the room is quiet enough for her to hear her own breath.  She is breathing heavily from parking and running into the studio.  Her belly rises and falls repetitiously; out-in, out-in, out-in, she unclenches her jaw and opens her mouth.  She begins to breath deeper and her stomach rises and falls rhythmically like the waves hitting the shore.  It is at this point that she slows down each breath.  She relaxes her face, releases her shoulders, and allows her back to cradle the floor.  It is in corpse pose that Stacy is able to connect.  Her mind becomes blank and it is at this point she commits to her practice, to being present in the studio, and to flow through the class.

After class, Stacy leaves the studio refreshed.  Her mind feels open and flexible.  She feels at ease for giving herself an 1.5 hours of tranquility.  She craves nourishing foods because that is what her body wants.

…I know few people (if any) who want to get down with pizza after yoga.  It just doesn’t happen.

The mind body connection is essential for me and writing.  If you are a creative, like myself, you can relate to this.  We (creatives) become frustrated when we are not creating.  We need constant stimuli to help unleash the creative energy.  Yoga, running, and spin are this for me.

I know a CEO who commits to running 30 minutes everyday.  Running enables him to come up with solutions for challenges at work.

What does mind/body connection do for you? And how do you get there? Is it yoga, running, spinning, hiking, climbing?

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2 thoughts on “The Mind Body Connection

  1. Inspiration ALWAYS strikes when I’m on the yoga mat, riding my bike or running. I’ve even stopped mid-ride to write stuff down! Moving your body and new experiences are essential for creativity!

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