November was all about establishing a budget, training in someone new at work, sticking to the Whole 30, and increasing my strength at the gym.  Below is a recap of what went down during the month of November.


  • US Half Marathon-San Francisco- was awesome running across the GG and Megan and I had mimosas after
  • Whole 30’ing has been going great; going to do it for a while
  • 10 minute plank! 25 real deal push-ups! 3 unassisted pull-ups didn’t happen.


  • Was a great mentor to the new hire
  • Interview with Zico on Monday! (part-time gig)
  • Set my direction!!! Conquer…still working on this.


  • SF happened every weekend.
  • Better at sticking to a budget but still needs work.
  • Introducing someone new to bikram next week

How was your November? What were you able to tackle? And what is on your agenda for December?

December always flies by with the holidays. Below is my list of goals for December.


  • 50 real deal push-ups, 2 unassisted pull-ups, 3 minute headstand
  • Whole 30’ing continues
  • Take Regine’s zumba class


  • Get after it. (sorry I can’t say anymore)
  • Exploit my business idea
  • Start draft of book



2 thoughts on “November.December.Goals.

  1. Bam! Nice work on your goals! Ten minute plank?! Rock star. Best of luck today! You will nail it, friend 🙂

    Sounds like a sweet December is set… I know you’ll have a fab month.

    Can you teach me how to headstand? 🙂

    • ahhh Thanks Erin! you too! December always goes fast.

      Want to c2 while I am home for x mas? we can headstand!

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