Go well,

Be well,

And don’t forget to drink lots of water.


The words echo in the dimly lit heated room.  It is now around 8:00pm so the sun is down.  The amber streetlights are vibrant outside the studio doors.  I lay in Savasana for a while.  I let the sweat drip to my mat and my mind meander around the day’s activities.  I reflect and acknowledge things that had occurred over the day.  I refocus, as if I pick my mind back up, and put it back in the moment.  My mind is now blank, beautiful, flexible.  I see different colors dance across my eyelids.  I try to think of a color to regain more focus, blue, yes blue will be the color, and again my mind goes blank.

The first time I walked into a bikram class was two years ago.  I googled “bikram” because I had numerous questions: What to wear? What to bring? What is a class like? Room temperature?  Ok for people with asthma? This “googling” got me to the class and on the mat.

On the mat, all I could think about was, “I am f’ing hot”.

Looking back, it wasn’t about the heated room.  It wasn’t about the predictable 26 postures. It’s about being comfortable when you’re uncomfortable with the elements of heat, time, and flexibility.  It teaches you to focus on your breath, your breath, can guide you through the uneasiness of a difficult posture and offer balance when you feel yourself wavering.

I have never met someone who liked bikram the first try.

Can you relate to this? How did you learn to like yoga? Was it love at first practice? Or was it a patience and persistence?


One thought on “Savasana

  1. Beautiful description of savasana. Absolutely perfect. There is no place as relaxing as my mat as I melt into it during pre and post class savasana.

    Vinyasa was love at first practice. Bikram took awhile. I was just thinking in vinyasa today actually that it’s time to start practicing hot yoga again. I miss it.

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