Running to Run

Sunday’s Half Marathon was gorgeous.  There was little wind and lots of sunshine.  There was an array of fluorescent colors in the form of tank tops, shorts, and compression socks. The Golden Gate Bridge, with its impeccable beauty beckoned us (runners) to cross its extraordinary length.  It was the most beautiful course that I have ever run.

It was the first half marathon that I didn’t train for.  I ran for the sake of running.  I wanted to take in the scenery and enjoy the course.  I didn’t wear a watch and I didn’t log my miles for the weeks leading up to it. It was the first half that I didn’t have a “set time” I was shooting for.

US Half Marathon: San Fran 10 Take-Away’s

  1. Clifbar Gu : 2x caffeine are awesome: Had one at mile 7 and it was just the extra umph I needed.
  2. Californian’s love miminal running shoes.  I saw a ton of people running in Vibram’s.
  3. A banana is all I need before a half.
  4. I like running with a watch.  It pushes me harder.
  5. Half Marathons are the perfect distance.
  6. The next Half Marathon I am going to PR.
  7. Run off the elite.  I like to pick a quick runner nearby and keep up with them for a bit.  If I need to slow down I will go back to my pace and then find another fast runner to run by.
  8. I enjoy introducing people to half marathons.  Megan did great!
  9. Always work out race logistics the night before.
  10. Run in the shoes you train in. It’s not worth the blisters!

Training for anything? Want to train for something?

Start with Hal Higdon’s training plans here:


4 thoughts on “Running to Run

  1. Congrats on a great 13.1, dear! Love your takeaways… bananas are the perfect fuel, and it’s so fun to run a half with someone who’s never done one 🙂 I’m not so sure I could do vibrams… yet!

    What’s your next race?!

  2. I haven’t ran in vibrams either. I recently moved from a stability shoe to a neutral shoe… so baby steps.

    Next race, not sure, any ideas?! Im thinking a half in Feb or March? and then a marathon next year.

    When is the Ironman? so stoked for you, that is huge!

  3. Oh man…need a roomie? You are so grounded and healthy and “together”. And I am not. 🙂 I am so just out of control of things. I somehow need to recenter and stop my bad eating habits and everything. Oh my 😦

    • “Healthy” and “together” is all relative. It is a journey.

      Acknowledging that you need to change things is the first step.

      A great place to start is with the Whole 30:

      The beauty is you have the ability to change and my website is all about that! changing your frame of mind, feeling good, and being well. We cannot be our best if these things are not in place.

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