I will start dreaming BIGGER: November Goals

I have made an oath to myself that I will not settle.  I refuse to accept mediocrity.  This life is too short – too beautiful, and has too much opportunity for me to sit and let it pass by.  I am going to seize every moment and take it for a wild ride.

I will take risks.

I will reach BIG goals.

I will fall flat on my face.

I will get back up again and again.


Because I can.  Because we all can.  We all get one life to live. So make it mean something.

…Which, brings me to the month of November.

November Goals


  • US Half Marathon-San Francisco November 4th—-rock it and have a mimosa with Megan after
  • Whole 30’ing continues, because my tummy feels great.
  • 10 minute plank, 3 unassisted pull-ups (don’t make fun, hehe) and 25 real deal push-ups


  • Be a great mentor to the new-hire at my work: Get her ramped up in a month’s time.
  • Become a Brand Ambassador for Zico Coconut Water (part-time gig)
  • Set my direction!!! Conquer.


  • Dance, wine in hand, 1x a week in SF, 2AM.
  • Keeping myself accountable and sticking to my budget
  • Introduce someone new to bikram.

4 thoughts on “I will start dreaming BIGGER: November Goals

  1. What a fantastic goal – to be a good mentor to a newbie at work. That’s always so awkward being the new kid, not knowing how to work the blasted copier, where to get lunch, and who’s who. I’m sure making that transition easier will be a welcome surprise! Very nice gesture!

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