Are u fancy, huh

I, like most, am more successful when I set out to accomplish a few goals each month.  This may be something I simply need to get done or something that needs change. Example: yoga 2 x week, less complaining , creating a budget, saving money, more gratitude-less attitude.

Goal setting keeps me accountable.  I like being able to cross something off.  It  makes me aware of my progress.

This month has been built around the idea of simplifying things:

Getting my finances down and setting up a budget (amazing)

Whole 30’ing on whole foods, lean proteins, and quality fats

Doing less between the hours of 5pm and 9pm…really, when it comes down to it, all I want to do is a) eat a healthy, homeade din b) relax with friends, c) read or d) yoga.  It IS as simple as that.

This same idea of “simplifying things” can cross over to workouts.  Each week I am going to get back to the basics and test these “old school” moves:

Push-ups (#)

Pull-ups (#)

Planks (time)

My goals?  50 pushups, 5 unassisted pull-ups, 10 minutes of planks-holding, non-stop.  IT’S ON.

Currently Brainstorming Goals for November.  What do you want to change? Eliminate? accomplish? Get after?


6 thoughts on “Are u fancy, huh

  1. I am the exact same way when it comes to the evening = simplify. Great goals… thanks for sharing, dear. I really should add push-ups and planks (and buy a pull-up bar!) as well as creating a budget to mine, too 🙂

    I’m currently working a post about my November goals and recapping my October goals, so watch for that!

  2. Pull-up bar, I like it.

    I’ll be watching for your goals. I am excited to see pictures from your trip!

    -I check your site daily so I wont miss them!

  3. haha well considering I am at about 3 min right now I have my work cut out for me!

    Congrats on finishing your unprocessed october!

  4. hi, what is your weekly workout log like? I struggle with no gym and no space for videos. I can’t afford yoga classes and running doesn’t agree with me. I feel like I’m making excuses. I do walk ! But its outside and severe weather makes it not an “activity” but just , something frustrating.
    Also, I’m not paleo but worried about doing it because I think I *may* have a problem with eggs and nuts and I think I’ll lose energy and weight if I go paleo. There is only so much oil and avocado I can handle. And same with meats and chicken. SO heavy just sitting in my stomach.

    • Hi Rach,

      First, how do you know you will lose energy if you havent tried Paleo? my experience has been the opposite. The beginning is rough because you are teaching your body to burn fat, but after about two weeks of going Paleo you should feel more energized.

      I like eating Whole 30:

      This way of eating will also help you figure out what works for you. This way you will know for sure if eggs and nuts are something you should avoid.

      Walking is great, but I can see why you are looking for more variety. During college I use to run the stairs on the campus of a nearby university. It was a great workout and deffinitely mixed it up.

      Check this site out for more ideas on at home workouts:

      My weekly workouts vary. This week has been more running focused.

      * I do 15 minutes of abs everyday: planks, crunches, obliques.

      Monday: Legs: lunges, leg press, squats, and 30 minute running

      Tuesday: 50 min run

      Wednesday: Arms: assisted pull-ups, free weights, bench press, 20 min run.
      PM: 20 min run, 10 min eliptical, stretching.

      Thursday: 45 min run

      Friday: Legs: lunges, jump squats, deadlifts, leg press, 30 min run

      Saturday: 45 min stairclimber, DANCEATION, and lots of stretching.

      Sunday: US Half Marathon-San Francisco

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