Weeknight Paleo By: Amber Beam

I like quick, easy, nutritious meals, However, I have had a hard time finding just the right recipes that fulfill my 30 minute time frame that I allow to prepare dinner.

Luckily, I am part of the Paleo/Whole 30 blogosphere and have some pretty bad- ass webby friends that are up to some cool shit, and yes, that was 2 curse words in one.

Recently I stumbled upon a great book that was released at just the right time in my journey towards learning to cook, uniquely titled, Weeknight Paleo by Amber Beam.

Below is a little snippet about the book:

Inspired by her love of real food and knack for short-cuts, Amber Beam, the face behind the Paleo Savvy blog, has created a foolproof way for cooks following a Paleo diet to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. In her book, Week-night Paleo Amber gives readers the confidence and know-how to get fast and flavorful meals on the table in a hurry using several smart cook-ing practices, like batch cooking and using dou-ble-duty ingredients. Each of the nine weeks of satisfying din-ners includes a meal plan, a make ahead schedule, a shopping list, and recipes so readers can rest assured meal planning for the next 2 months is done.

Why I like this cookbook:

  • The book caters to the Paleolithic/ Whole 30 Lifestyle.
  • I have no patience for meals that take forever. I would rather be out with friends.
  • The pictures are amazing.  I am not going to try making something if it looks nasty, sorry, outdated cookbooks with no visuals.
  • I love that this book has a grocery shopping list.  It makes it fool- proof.
  • 9 weeks of meals: offers a ton of variety so you can pick and choose the meals that YOU want to try.
  • Melissa Joulwan wrote a forward for the book (author of Well Fed)
  • Any recipes with avocado or sweet potato has got to be good.
  • 30 minutes is do-able for anyone.

Here is a sneak peak at what the book looks like:

If you want your own copy…



9 thoughts on “Weeknight Paleo By: Amber Beam

  1. Erin, I thought you would enjoy this. It would be great for your training too! proud of you for signing up. amazing.

  2. I’m disapointed to find after I purchased the e-book that you can’t click on the different chapters to link to that part of the book. You have to page through all the pages. Is there a fix for this. Makes it very had to use if you ask me.

    • Hi Sherry!

      Have you tried accessing the e-book through a different browser?

      I haven’t dealt with this issue. Perhaps try re-downloading it? I hope you get it to work more easily.


    • Hi Sherry!

      So happy you downloaded the Weeknight Paleo ebook. I’m looking into the linking challenge. Feel free to email me directly to discuss the problem further (paleosavvy@gmail.com). Thanks for your patience.


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