Listen to you

Drifting eyes.

Distant body language.

Single word answers.

Tapping your foot against the floor.

I do these things when I am not interested.  I am sorry what you are saying isn’t getting all of my attention.  I don’t mean to be rude, but my mind is elsewhere.  It is not here listening to you.

Fast forward to topics of interest; all things health, travel, culture, career advice, relationships, friends, and I am all there.

Eyes are focused.

Body language is supportive and congruent to the other.

Elaborate answers with input.

Warmth and smiles.

I am not good at hiding it; hiding whether I am “tuned in” or “tuned out” in conversation.  I don’t like this.  I want to be a better listener.  I want to speak less and hear more.

Listening is a skill.  It is a hard skill.  My grandma is a master at this; a gentle gaze, warmth, and advice that years of life can warrant.

Be a better listener. Learn from others words.



One thought on “Listen to you

  1. You and me both. I find I’m so much more attentive when my phone is far, far away. Be present… my constant mantra.

    And, aren’t grandmas amazing?! My grandma is a master at listening, too.

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