Whole 30: 10 Things

10 Things I’ve learned this week by Whole 30’ing:

1. The overwhelming amount of crap in our food.

-Preservatives in grocery store hard boiled eggs

-Caramel color in meats

-Sugars hidden in pasta sauces, tea, and meat.

-Foods that claim to be “natural” and resemble the ingredient list of a novel.

-Apples the size of cantaloupes

 2. Food as nourishment

It shouldn’t be a reward or punishment.  We’ve got other things for that.  This is hard because it’s ingrained in us to celebrate with a treat or stay away if we have been “bad”.  The purpose of food is to fuel our bodies and give us the energy we need to move and operate efficiently.  What we put in our tank is what we get out.

3. The Importance of Planning

Preparing meals in advance makes is easy.  It is not easy coming home at 9pm and gazing in the fridge and just hoping that something “good” will magically appear.  Sunday and Monday are good days to get a head start on the week.

4. Containers Matter

Go to Target, Walmart, wherever, and get a variety of re-usable containers.  It makes packing food for lunch, dinner, and leftovers easier.

5. Coconut water calms cravings for sweets

6. People’s reactions: vary greatly from “that sounds miserable” to “ Awesome,  I am going to do it too”

7. The difference between cravings and hunger.

Does fish and broccoli sound good to you? Yes, you’re hungry, and No, your craving __________.  Cravings usually last about 5min so if you can find something to do to take your mind off things than your craving will fade.

8. I was eating too much protein.

I love whey protein because it is so versatile, but I was also eating Greek yogurt, nuts, and lean meats.  I can get enough protein from lean meats.

9. I know how good it feels to feel good in the morning.

I am not saying that it has hit miracle status but 5:00am has become a lot easier from eating a meal based around veggies and meats in the PM than my old habit of eating yogurt before bed (hello, dairy is an inflammatory, duh)

10. New Food discoveries: Squash and sweet potatoes in every form.


2 thoughts on “Whole 30: 10 Things

  1. It’s all about keeping it simple. I’m appalled at the ingredient list in most foods, too… so much better to stick to the outer edges of the grocery store! Thanks for the reminder that food is nourishment; I know it, but have forgotten it lately 🙂 Also, sweet potatoes and squash are my absolute favorite foods right now! Sounds like your Whole30 is going really well, dear!

  2. I agree…keeping it simple in all things. Whole 30 is going well!

    ps: so pumped that you signed up for an ironman and slightly jealous but will be rooting you on all the way.

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