Failure, Commitment, and Resilience

I will master resilience.  I understand I will fail; l will fall flat on my face, I will become discouraged, I will be tempted to give up, but I won’t because I know that I am resilient.

Resilience: buoyancy, the ability bounce back, elastic, ability to recover readily.

Resilience is an enabler, it enables us to: be open, unbreakable, ever-changing, learning, and growing.

Take, for example, training runs.  I have had great runs and I have had terrible runs and if it weren’t for the horrible runs there wouldn’t have been any great runs.


My bad runs turn into a pity party where I whine about my lack of energy, inability to eat a proper breakfast, or the fact that I got three lousy hours of sleep from a night with friends…and then I get over it.  I re-commit and hold myself accountable for a better run.

I know I am capable, we are all capable.

The next run I re-commit to doing things right.  There is no more whining or blaming, just, focus.  I cannot afford to have another shitty run.  I cannot afford to miss more miles.

The crappy run propelled me to run a great run.

It’s a natural channel for success; we fail, we learn, we succeed.

What have you failed at? How did you re-commit? Did it make you more resilient?


3 thoughts on “Failure, Commitment, and Resilience

  1. Failing and falling flat on my face makes the successes so much sweeter. Amelia once said in a yoga class: You are resilient beyond measure. I couldn’t agree more!

    My most recent failure (or maybe it should be called a detour): Not getting my dream job. But, I recommitted and am searching for something else and creating my BEST life 🙂

    Great post, Candice! I needed to read this today 🙂

  2. Not getting your dream job…maybe it is leading you somewhere else that is bigger and better.

    …Missing Corepower like crazy!

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