Breaking Barriers

I was sitting in spin class this morning doing the dreaded climb (climbing is when your bike is cranked to high resistance, forcing you to slow your pace and really push through) realizing that the same climb I was doing in class crossed over into life.

We have all been there…you know the time when you are trudging, Nothing you are trying seems to be panning out and yet you are holding strong, remaining patient, and pushing through.

It’s like in a canoe and your paddling but not moving.  Each stroke keeps you in the same place.

It’s like trying to run but someone is holding your shirt so you can’t propel forward.

It’s like swimming in the ocean against a ferocious current.

…it’s like…it’s like…it’s like.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling.  It’s frustrating when you are looking for answers, and making changes in your life to get through the climb and yet you are still on the “climb”.

It’s a hard place to be.

It’s a great place for change.

It’s a great place for acceptance.  Acceptance of the unpredictability of life.

So right when you are thinking about checking out, giving up, or getting off the bike think about what awaits on the other side, maybe your life is about to change its course, maybe you will find fulfillment in a new hobby, maybe someone will come into your life that will change the way you live.

I know that with every climb there is something great awaitng on the other side.





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