Changing it up IS the spice of life

My weekends usually go a little something like this:

Friday is usually grandma style.  I’ll get home from work, get something yummy for dinner and then attempt to watch a movie and then I’m out (as in asleep) by 9:00.

Saturday, I’ll wake up early and get a good workout in, chill, run errands and then go out in San Francisco with friends.

Sundays are catch up days; laundry, groceries, workout, nap and get together with my California family for “family dinner” night.

Not bad. So when the conversation came up about becoming NASM certified, I jumped.  I committed to giving 3-4 months of studying the human bod.  This is change #1 mind you, remember, spicing things up is the goal here.

Change #2 I live the closest to the ocean I ever have (besides the 4 months of amazingness in Australia) but it’s time to work a little more ocean into the weekend…yes, surfing next Saturday with a crew of equally “green” friends to both the board and waves.  I am stoked.

Change #3 Saturdays at 10:30a is my dance time.  I love the dread-locked, Bob Marley styled instructor that makes me swoon with every hip thrust (sorry, I had to) Marathon training got in the way of taking this class…but I’m back beeches.

What about you? Are you craving some “spice”?  Maybe some salsa dancing?

We may not be able to change our 9 to 5, but we CAN trade in monotony for adventure.


2 thoughts on “Changing it up IS the spice of life

  1. You are amazing, Candice! And, I love how you’re spicing things up and going for it (surfing is SO fun, BTW)! Thank you for inspiring me to add some spice to my life at a time when I need it most 🙂

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