Diggin’ It

5 items worth oooing and awwwing over.

1. Lunch Bots

Making eating clean easier for work and travel.



2. ViPR

Lunges, jumping jacks, skating, and flipping.  I like to change up workouts with the ViPR.


3. Lemon Lara Bar

Recently tried this flavor and it comes a close second to peanut butter cookie.

4. Bragg Healthy Vinigarette

Best salad dressing.  Its good for marinating and veggies too.


5. Strongerfasterhealthier’s Vanilla Whey protein

The cleanest whey protein I have been able to find.



2 thoughts on “Diggin’ It

  1. Fantastic items! I’ve been meaning to order some lunch bots. Lemon is my fave larabar, and SFH protein is the best I’ve had, too. And, as soon as I’m done with my Annie’s balsamic dressing, I’ll be trying this one. Thanks for the suggestions, lady! 🙂

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