New Moves

The first weekend after the marathon went great.  TRX, dance class, and a night at a bar in SF left me with a sore neck from dancing to Gangam style (worth it )

This morning I woke up later than usual but used these 2 moves to get my heart beat up when time was cut short.

2 moves worth trying…

Jack Box Jump

I usually use the 2nd highest box jump for this, but depending on your height you may need to go higher/lower.

Jump onto the box and jump down.  Then do a jumping jack and repeat.  The reason I like this instead of just doing a box jump is because it gets my heart more revved up.

Ball Slams

My friend Lisa taught me these so I picked up a ball and got slammin’ this morning.  The end results: Sore biceps and triceps and a very pink and sweaty face. YES.


4 thoughts on “New Moves

    • I don’t have a box jump at home 😦 but if I am outside on a hike/run/walk I’ll sometimes use a bench to do them on.

      Do you have one?

      Erin, you would love TRX. I love it for core and upper body. Does LA Fitness have the bands? I think it would be worth it to have a trainer teach you a few moves to add to your training. It’s also great for stretching…since your a yogi it would be a good fit.

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