Whole 30: 5 Day Recap

Monday, September 17th 2012

I am no longer doing the Whole 30.  I don’t have excuses.  I just really miss yogurt.

Below are a few things I learned from doing a “Whole” 5 days of doing the Whole 30:

-Salad dressings

Salad dressing is easy to make and much better for you than the sugar laden, long listed ingredients of most salad dressings out there.  They may market the product as being “natural” and “healthy” but look closely at the ingredients and you will often find a bunch of hard to pronounce nonsense.  Try combining avocado, balsamic vengar, and olive oil to make a tasty dressing.

-Quality of Protein

The Whole 30 forced me to focus on the quality of proteins that I was buying.

  • Free Range eggs
  • Hormone free, preservative free chicken (surprisingly hard to find in most conventional grocery stores)
  • Wild Alaskan salmon, nothing farmed .

Fun Comparison:

Next time you are at the grocery store set 2 slabs of salmon next to each other; one that is farmed and one that is wild.

Note the difference in color.  Wild salmon is a deeper red then farm raised salmon. This is beacause they add color to farm raised salmon.

-The emphasis on Veggies

The Whole 30 forced me to get cooking in the kitchen.  I love cutting up veggies with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and baking them.  Also, sweet potato’s made into fries, wedges, or chips are a great compliment to meals.

-No Legumes

I don’t miss peanut butter, soy products, or beans.  I found out (even in 5 days) that these foods don’t work with me.   Therefore, moving forward, I will avoid these bad boys because I know I can simply do without.


This wasn’t a challenge for me because I have been gluten free for the last year.  After a long run I usually like to carb up with a banana or sweet potato.


I realized that I progressively get less sleep as the week continues.  I love to sleep!

7- 8 hours of sleep allows me to bring my “A” game.  If I get less than 7 hours than workouts, productivity, and mood suffers.

What’s your magic number? Record what time you go to bed and wake up for a week to see how much sleep you’re getting.  This will help you recongize how many hours of shut eye is the most beneficial for you.

Guillermo is a friend of mine from the gym.  He is middle-aged surfer who is originally from Peru.  He is passionate about his ceviche and makes it with a lot of love.

Below is his simple ceviche recipe that he made at a BBQ over the weekend.

Guillermo’s Ceviche

  • 4 pieces of tilapia from Whole Foods (has to be fresh and sushi grade)
  • 10 limes
  • 1-2 jalepenos

Slice Tilapia into bite size pieces, squeeze limes on top of fish, and add chopped jalapeno to taste.  This recipe is simple, amazing and lime juice breaks down the fish so it melts in your mouth.

note: Guillermo says you have to eat it within 5 minutes of preparing or the fish will get hard.


One thought on “Whole 30: 5 Day Recap

  1. Yogurt is my downfall, too, even though I can’t eat it everyday. Plus, I love dark chocolate, the occasional salted caramel ice cream and wine 🙂

    Good takeaways from your Whole 5, though! Quality protein + veggies are key. And, sleep! Getting 7-8 hours has been a work-in-progress.

    YUM. That ceviche sounds incredible!

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