Whole 30: Day 5

Wednesday 9/12/12

Sleep: 9:30p-5:15a, 7 hrs. 45 min

Mood: productive and lots of energy.  I had a great AM workout.

Workout: 20 min abs: plank, side bends, ab bench, Bosu ball crunches.  40 min legs: walking lunges with VIPR, dead lifts, squats, Bosu ball leg extensions, and jump squats. 15 min stair climber.

Do Away with Worry

Worry, circular-like thoughts that go around and around.  Worrying is a waste of energy, its taxing and does nothing for us but leaves us weary.  Below I have listed a few solutions to help you stop worrying and start moving forward.

1. Take Action

Great, you’ve worried; now stop and take action.  Find a solution and DO something about it.


  • You are worried about a test coming up-study.
  • You have gained weight and are worried about fitting into your skinny jeans- watch what you eat and get your butt to the gym.

The solutions may take planning, effort, and patience.  This is not easy, but it got you worried so you owe yourself change.

I get that these seem like rather rudimentary solutions, however, it’s amazing how sidetracked we can get when we go by emotion and forget to look at things subjectively.

2. Put it on the Calendar

Maybe you are worried about an upcoming event or you’re worrying about something that isn’t taking place for a while, cool, now put it on the calendar and tell yourself that you will not think about it until a certain date.  This will free up your mind and give you a sense of relief knowing that you will deal with it when the time comes.

3. Acceptance

Majority of things are out of our control; we don’t know what tomorrow will bring nor what will be going on 5 years from now.  You need to learn to accept, adapt, and make peace with whatever you may be worried about.

4. Be realistic

Is it really worth your energy? Are you burning yourself out?

Are you doing some unnecessary self-ass kicking? Haha my guess is, you are, so claim your life and the ability to not worry.


2 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day 5

  1. Love this post girl! I try to tell myself “Will this matter in a year from now?!” the answer is almost always a no 🙂

  2. Good reminders, Candice! The put-it-on-the-calendar tactic works so well for me (I even have two… my iPhone calendar and my old school desktop calendar). I love the last line… “claim your life and the ability to not worry.” Exactly!

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