Whole 30: Day 3

Monday: 9/10/12

Sleep: 9:30pm-5:10am, 7 hrs 40 min

Workout:  15 min abs, free weights and bench press, 30 min stair climber, and 30 min roll-out with foam roller and softball.

Mood: Peppy and productive.  I like Mondays at work because they are not as busy as other days so I can kind of ease in to the work week.


Chicken-Cucumber Salad

2 sliced roma tomatos

1 med cucumber

1 can of organic chicken or chicken breast, bite sized pieces

Directions: combine sliced tomato and cucumber with chicken and top with olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.

Note: This is best left sitting overnight so it can marinade for the next day’s meal.  I have been packing this lunch for work.

Softball Roll-Out

Yes, that’s right, take a softball or tennis ball (if you prefer lighter pressure)and rest your hips on it.  It will help roll-out any kinks that you have developed from sports and even though it can be a tad bit painful, it works wonders for sore muscles.  The same goes for the:

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Calves
  • shoulder blades


One thought on “Whole 30: Day 3

  1. That chicken-cucumber salad looks so refreshing and yum! Definitely will be making. Thanks for sharing!

    Love rolling with a la crosse ball! Hurts so good on the hammies and bottoms of the feet 🙂

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