Hip Don’t Lie

These hips don’t lie.  They are the outcome of a 20 mile run last Saturday…but, good news, no injuries! (fingers crossed, prayers said)

Below is a breakdown of how it went and some reflections on what I am going to keep in mind for the real deal (Half Moon Bay Marathon September 23rd babbyyy)

Location: Stanford University

Mile 1-3

Banana and esspresso prepped the beginning with Becca by my side.  She helped get me started (Becca ran D1 in college) She is a close friend of mine out here in Cali and also happens to be from Minnie 🙂 so thanks bec’s

Mile 3-10

It’s funny because the first 8 miles or so I am still getting in the groove. I feel the best around mile 9-15.  These also tend to be my fastest miles.  Everybody’s bodies are different, and I have learned so much about mine in marathon training.

Miles 10-18

There was a lot of water fountain pauses and bathroom breaks.   It started to get warmer out so I ditched my long sleeve cotton and stuck with my bright purple tank.   I wrapped that long sleeve- sucker around my waist and it was nice to feel the warm sun against my skin…which, later became burnt (lovely)

Miles 18-20

Downed some Powerade Zero and my friend Seth joined me for the last 2 miles.  We have this routine where I’ll text him when I am near the last few miles and he will join me.  It gives me something to look forward to and the conversation brings me to the end.  We ran on the grass around the soccer fields.  It felt SO good on knees! love,love,love running on soccer fields.

Post Run: Becca, Seth, and I went to a cafe in the Town and Country in Palo Alto for lunch.  I don’t have a big appetite right after long runs so I downed all of the Powerade Zero and got a spinach salad with sweet potatos, hard boiled eggs, and peas.

…and this is when the sore hips started to creep in…

I sat down to join my Becca and Seth and owwwwww my hips did not like that.  I made a mental note that I would need to stretch better later, but didn’t (boo)

A lesson Learned:

Stretching after is a MUST when I feel time crunched it is the first thing to go and this has some nasty repercussions.


A banana is my breakfast before runs

Powerade Zero, wild berry, is being replaced with Nuun! I am currently doing the Whole 30.


I am going to write about my experience with this bad-ass lifestyle diet, so if your clueless stay tuned.

Stretch, stretch, stretch-The next 2 weeks I am doing more yoga.  Once a week is not enough for these hips.

2x this week

3x next week

3x the next week until the marathon, yes, this is my committment right here.

Listen to my hips and if I have to dance to Shakira, fine, I gotta keep them loose.


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