I have been going back and forth about what to write about.  I blame it on writer’s block and focusing on other things; running, BBQ’s, moving, family stuff, and San Francisco adventures.

Yoga Source, a yoga studio in Palo Alto,  has cards near the check-in desk with words displayed on the front:





These cards serve as little momentos to keep in pockets, wallets, and purses.  They are little reminders of things to focus on throughout the week.

Yoga creates awareness about:

What we lack

What we need

It helps us be able to get in touch with what is really going on

It creates space for new experiences and helps us let go of things that don’t serve us

 5 words that mean something for me now and in the future:

 Resilience– Life has stages; learn, change, adapt, accept.

Friendship– Pushing my friends to be better people and to motivate, inspire, and uplift them. I expect the same.

Passion-Following my heart and sticking with my gut.

Sweat-Dance, Run, Jump, Lift, Climb, Pedal, Flow …

Faith-in God, others, and myself.

What are your words?


One thought on “Words

  1. Beautiful, Candice. I love the idea of carrying a card as a gentle reminder.

    Our words are similar… right now, my focus is on passion (making changes to incorporate it more into my everyday), faith (stop the self doubt!) and open (to new possibilities and opportunities).

    And, where are you moving?!

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