The Little Things

I love reading articles on Psychology Today.  My daily internet ritual goes a little bit like this;  I start by reading the five blogs I follow:,,,, After perusing through these great sites, my cursor can usually be found clicking upon the dozens of articles on the Psychology Today website.

There are tons of articles on Psychology Today about happiness.  It seems when things get tough, the ability to be grateful for the little things can make any situation better.

Below I have compiled a list of some small, but great blissful experiences:

-That feeling when you are buzzed (that happy feeling from drinking not too much, but just enough) and swaying to the beat of a good song

-Peeing after holding it for an two hours too long

-putting on a new pair of socks

-Water after being so thirsty you can’t lick your lips

-Espresso in the morning, that nice little boost that gets you moving

-That first bite of food when you are starving

– feeling the sweat trickle down your face after a hard workout

-Savasana …the restful end to a yoga class where you get to completely let go and soak in all of the yumminess of your practice.

– putting on comfy, cotton, dry clothes after being out in the rain

-Crispy, freshly washed bed sheets

– Waking up after having a nightmare and realizing it was just a dream

-Covering up with a beach towel after exiting the pool

-Going to bed with someone you love and feeling the contentment and security of their body so closely to yours


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