Beat up, worn out, tired, sleepy, exhausted, pooped, sore, withered, over-scheduled, out of balance, all of these words are often used and unattended to in the fast paced world we live in.

Below is a list of activities that give us time to reflect, recoup, rejuvenate, and get grounded.  Whenever you are feeling a little out of balance try doing one of the activities below to gain perspective and get back on your feet.

Taking time for you means:

-Get a foot massage ($25 for a full body massage) at Happy feet and Pandora Spa

-Read an easy read; something playful, funny, and relatable.

-Go for a walk outside, try somewhere new

-Light candles in your house and take a bath/hot shower and rub lavender essential oil on your temples, wrists and neck afterwards

-Paint, draw, write, and express yourself in a different way that avoids talking

-leave all tech gadgets at home (including your phone) and go for a scenic car ride

-Do legs up the wall pose.  Example: see featured image for this post.

-Try a new recipe online, like this one:



One thought on “R&R

  1. SO true! Way too much crazy yang going on. Legs up the wall pose is a current fave. And, those breakfast bars look fantastic! I’ve been bad at eating a good breakfast lately, which is about to change 🙂

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