Sushi on Haight

I’ve been directionally challenged since the day I got my license:

Example A of Z (that I will note bore and mention) : I was on my way home from Mall of America and ended up at the zoo.

This weekend I was past due for getting lost.  It’s been a while (progression?)  No, I did it yet again …and to be completely honest, I did not mind it one bit.

I was waiting for a friend so I parked at the first spot I found.  I walked around and found a street I recognized, Haight Street.

Haight Street is a hippie’s haven.  It is filled with dread-locked, weed smoking, free spirits.

I found a cute little market called the Haight Street Market, a small neighborhood natural foods store.  I did a quick loop around the store and got sushi , yes, my favorite.  I walked out the store found a spot by an old women reading a book.

“you mind if I sit here?”

“No, no, sit” she carefully scooted her belongings to her side of the table.  I popped open the sushi tray and watched the activity on Haight Street:

-Chubby Chinese lady with pigtails

-Tourists gazing down from bus with giant Nikon lenses

-Gangsters with love handles

-Guy with a feather in his hat and cowboy boots

-Girl with dreads… made me question the need for an everyday shower, or gives reason for the everyday shower.

-Man with ponytail stares at me uncomfortably long…not into ponytails, dude.

-Locals greet each other with hugs, steady eye contact, and comfortable body language.

-A guy was selling art on the street and a gentleman walks up,

“Hey, hey, what do you got there?”

Gentleman displayed a genuine curiosity in the guy’s work, demonstrating his openness to the soft sell of the art seller.


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