Early Morning Sprints

I was up late last night so my workout got pushed back this morning, nevertheless, eyes a little heavier than the day before,  I hit the pavement.

I started out slow, rockin to E40 and taking in the dewy, Atherton morning.  Early mornings are my favorite; the neighbors are out with their dogs for their morning walks, clutching their coffee and steadily holding their dog’s leash.

When I first moved to California the neighbors weren’t friendly, perhaps my clothes were too bright or my friendly, Midwest nature was a bit too much.  I now blend as if I have been in the area for years.  I of course, have adjusted to the more conservative, somewhat stand offish vibe of the Atherton Elite.  My cheery “good mornings!” have become a slight head nod… to acknowledge their presence but respect their space.

After about five minutes I picked up the pace and started to do sprints.  I love the feeling of pushing, reaching, and exhausting myself.  It frees my mind and my body.  It loosens me up and pumps me up.  The sprints don’t last long but they are repetitive.  The sweat starts to trickle down the middle of my back and neck.  I love the feeling, the lack of control when I throw my body forward in effort to run.  It’s the best way to wake up and to let go.


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