18 Miler

Longest run thus far!

Below is a breakdown of how it went.

Location: Stanford Campus

Mile 1-5

I didn’t eat an adequate breakfast so I was already thinking about the strawberry Blocks I had crammed in the zipper of my water bottle.  One would think I would learn after,  hmmmmm, how many runs? (A lot) that a good carb/protein breaky is necessary? …Next week, almond butter and banana is happening.

Miles 1-5 are always some of the hardest for me.  It’s because I know I have more than a half marathon ahead of me.   It’s a mental battle where I keep telling myself:

“To just run with it, the faster I run the faster I get done”

Mile 6-11

These are the strongest miles.  I am warmed up and have just started to really sift through the good tunes on my iPod.  At this point I am usually on a bike trail and am happy about the fact I have gotten through the first five.  Also, there is nothing more motivating than running by serious bikers.  They bike in groups and usually are decked head to toe in the hottest cycle gear so being around them gets me thinking about triathlons, ironman’s, and other endurance sports.  It really puts things into perspective for me and reinforces why I am on the run.

Mile 11-15

I am not going to lie…I threw in a minute or two of walking…happens, and of course beat myself up over it.  These miles are tough because the music on my iPod starts to get stale.  I can only listen to “you can do it put your back into it” so many times before it makes me want to hurl…which brings me to another topic…hurling.  I am sorry but, yes, around this mile range I feel pukey.  I haven’t yet and I don’t think I will it’s just how I feel.  Last, these are the miles where boredom sets in.  I have already thought about my day, plans for the evening, things I am working on, relationships that have gone sour or are on the upswing.  This is usually when my mind goes blank and all I can think about is finishing and my post run agenda: Powerade Zero (berry), food, and NAP.

Mile 15-18

I usually perk up for the last 2-3 miles. I visualize the end of the marathon and think about finishing strong; good form, strong stride, and chin up.  If you ever see someone with their head sideways, back, or too far forward you know somewhere their struggling…plus it’s not pretty.  I will cross the finish line looking better then mile 1 because my long runs have trained me for it.  If you train and know you can accomplish something then there is no second guessing, you are fully capable and will execute it just as you want.

The last 2 long runs I have finished on the Stanford soccer field.  I love running on the grass.

Next week I scale back to 13! So excited to have a weekend with an easier run.  I haven’t decided where I am going to do it yet, possibly Portolla Valley.


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