Life List

Have you ever created a list of things you want to do in your lifetime? It’s pretty exciting, especially when you jot something down that means a lot to you.  It’s the feeling of putting it in writing that makes it that much more real and achievable.

When I first started this list I had some pretty boring things and then little by little I thought about things that were actually meaningful to me and my life goals.  Read on to get ideas.  It may inspire you to get a list going of your own.

 My Life List

Attend a Rave; glow-sticks, body paint, the whole thing.

Be a traveling gypsy for a year

Participate in the nudeness at a nude beach

Run the New York City Marathon

Live internationally for a year

Host an international student at my home

Go fishing for Salmon in Alaska; catch and eat raw baby.

Ride an elephant in Africa

Have a dog that has puppies (preferably chocolate labs)

Go clubbing with my mom

Spend 3 weeks in Sydney Australia

Sell my paintings at a farmers market or on the streets of SF

Road Trip from Minnesota to Montana with my family

Salsa dance

Have sex on a beach (sorry mom if you reading this… awkward)

Make out under the Eiffel tower

Spend 3 weeks in Paris

Run a marathon

Do a triathlon

Get a graduate degree

Live in San Francisco for at least a year

Honeymoon in Australia

Become a fully booked (appointment wise) therapist where I utilize fitness and holistic to treat anxiety, depression, and mental illness.

Write a bomb ass book

Get NASM Certified

Get a certificate in holistic nutrition

Master caligraphy

Article I write gets published in a Mag ; about life, nutrition, fitness.

Have 3 kids (one old, one middle, one young, great dynamic)

…always adding and eliminating, but it’s what I got so far.  What is on yours?


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