Endless Summer Revisited

It’s almost August and I realized that there are many things left on my summer “musts” list.

Below is what I have done and am going to do in the last sweet month of summer!

*Note: I have a lot to accomplish in one month! clearly, workouts and friends are the priority (can’t complain)

Did it:

-Mexican BBQ with friends; guac, salsa, wine, beer, the works.

– Declare what I want to get a master’s in: creative writing or counseling…counseling more of a personal pull and I can take some writing workshop classes if I really want!

– Hal Hagdon’s Marathon Training- Going Strong!!! Thanks to Mike and his Garmin!

– Vinyasa 2x week…not vinyasa but have been bikraming more, makes me feel JUICY.

Doing it:

-Make Sushi with Becca, Michelle, and Lisa…recruit sushi guru’s (gotta learn how to roll)

-Go to an outdoor concert…even a small gig.

-Finish 2 oil paintings…Michael’s trip this week (Wed) painting one of the pictures I took in Greenwich and the other? No idea.

-Go to an outdoor concert…even a small gig.

-Surf in Santa Cruz (at least twice)….talking to Nathan about this, once is more do-able.

-Read Imagine, the book….1 book down, finish Rules of Civility and I’m on it!

-Go out Salsa Dancing in San Francisco

– Yoga with Megan

– Have a picnic on a hike in Marin

– Drink enough wine where I have to be carried home (we all need this at least once a summer)

– Have a beach picnic (hike/beach picnic? More do-able then 2 separate picnics …duh)

– Take the Jeep to Santa Cruz with Annie

– Write one short story (topic?…brainstorming now)

Didn’t  Do it:

-Driving range with my Dad (parents will be in CA in September so Dad date to come)

What remains on your summer “musts?”     Get after it…and if you find yourself not able to accomplish it all, at least you were able to accomplish a few things.  What you do accomplish says a lot about what you value and perhaps the things you dismiss are not on your top priorities, which, is cool too.


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