Small Tweaks

Marathon training has brought on a whole new challenge regarding nutrition and workouts.  I will have to say earlier this week I felt completely depleted mentally and physically.  It got to the point where I realized I need to make some changes.

Nutrition tweaks:

  1. Most articles I have read state that during marathon training you should be eating a diet that is roughly 60-75% complex carbs so going to add quinoa, brown rice, or gluten free brown rice bread to lunch and dinner.
  2. Whey Protein Shake (1 scoop whey protein, teaspoon of glutamine, and water) for breakfast and evening) this will help speed up muscle recovery.
  3. Liter water bottle goes with me everywhere (sweating more therefore, need more water!)
  4. Good fats; have rediscovered my love for guacamole so making conscious effort to have avocado for lunch
  5. Less sugars; my biggest weakness is sugar laden energy bars so I have recently switched to a gluten free fruit and nut bar that has about 8 grams of sugar in it instead of the typical 15-20g bars.

Training Tweaks

  1. More running focused strength training; utilizing own body weight: push-ups, pull-ups, light free weights, lunges, jump squats
  2. Sundays are going to be dedicated to yoga and cross-training: walk, swim, bike etc.
  3. Running on my toes: I am a notorious heel striker and I have been trying to run on my toes during runs (even if it’s for a mile)
  4. Pendulum- like- arms: Arms should move back and forth to propel the body forward the most efficiently.  I try to focus on form during runs.
  5. More stretching!

Last week I met a guy while I was in Connecticut for work.  He said that he had done a few Ironman’s (A few, no big deal right?!) anyways, he inspired me to make the “tweaks” above.  I sensed a great amount of passion when he talked about his training and the races he has done.  Hopefully next week is a bit better!


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