This week has been filled with hugs.  I spent the week in Minnesota (where I’m from) for the 4th of July holiday and have been meeting up with friends, family, and new people along the way.  So naturally, being the hugger I am, I have been giving lots and lots of hugs! But have realized my hugs have become weak and I asked myself why?!

It’s funny because they have become half hugs; you know the kind where people put one arm around you and kind of pat you on the back? Embarrassing? Maybe, but I have come to the conclusion that this is a big opportunity for me and there is so much meaning to a nice, firm, personal and loving hug.   I know what you may be thinking, yea OKKKKK Candice getting a little deep here but honestly hugs are a big deal and even though we may not openly talk about it or admit it we can for sure recall who the “good” huggers are and those who simply keep their distance (which is a whole other blog post; revealing insecurities, trust, timidness….you get the picture)

I use to work with a girl who gave the best hugs.  I could be having the WORST day at work: tired, hung over, crabby, hungry, all of the above and she would hug me and I would melt.  I got the impression that she cared when she would give me a hug, it wasn’t a simple shoulder squeeze but it was firm and caring.

Flash forward to this week and I feel like I was rushing around giving a bunch of half ass hugs; hugs that I wanted to convey “I care, I have missed you” but there was no feel.   They were rushed and one armed and instead conveyed an “I gotta get going” kind of vibe.  They were not me or what I want the way for my hugs to feel.

A hug should be:


3 seconds long (enough for you and the other person to actually take in the connection)

2 armed (giggling as I write this)

…maybe throw in a little dance in there.  I do have some family members (an aunt) who everyone time I hug her she kind of holds me and we sway back and forth.

How do you give hugs? And is it telling of your personality or connection with others?


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