Motivate in 5

For when you’re needing a bit of extra motivation:

1)Ghetto Rap Tunes

Probably the whitest girl at the gym, but rap has the best beat to pump up a workout.  Below are a few:

-Toma by Pitbull fea.Lil Jon

-Go Girl by Pitbull

-Doo wop(that thing)by Lauryn Hill

-All I do is win by DJ Khaled

-Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough

2)Drip Coffee-Known for its potency-drip coffee is a great go-to for an instant pick me up.

Places like Philz Coffee (for the west coast) and Dunn Brothers (Mid-westerners) can help caffeinate a workout.

3)Buddy up-Grab a treadmill next to someone who is in great shape.  This will motivate you to work harder.  Take notice of their energy and rhythm and piggy back off of their speed.

4) Mind Games- Tell yourself “just 20 min” chances are after 20 minutes the endorphins will kick in and you will want to continue your workout.

5)New Threads- getting a new pair of shoes or shorts or top can motivate you to get your butt in the gym- stay away from cottons; they don’t breathe.  Instead go for more technical fabrics.  Brands like Nike and Lulu make you feel sexy.


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